Friday, February 13, 2009

Revisionism, Hello Old Friend

Slow week at The Theorem largely because Nils is lazy and I am not particularly interested in the latest steroid psuedo-drama. But I couldn't pass this piece by Carl Steward entitled "Next generation must restore baseball's purity."

[Purity should definitely be in ironic air quotes, right?]

If the sanctity of Major League Baseball is to be restored, it'll be the next generation of players, not the ever-growing cast of tarnished stars, that does it.


It's a ray of hope in a sad, sordid time for the game.

[Really? If *now* is a sad, sordid time for the game, what would we call the ENTIRE period before 1947?]

Desire to shake fist at the sky > Having perspective.


Nils Nilsson said...

You know how Conservatives are certain that Liberals dominate the mainstream media, resulting in skewed coverage, blah, blah?

As a baseball lover, I am the Conservative in the above scenario. And I believe that football lovers have taken over the mainsteam media and that is why they don't report or care about the fact that football is full of players who both juice and have serial run-ins with the law, but instead focus on baseball which, though it has a problem, clearly has less of a problem than football does.

And you never hear about football's issues.

I am going to get all Rush Limbaugh on this really soon.

If I wasn't so lazy.

Archie Leach said...


I'm not sure there are that many guys that cover both football and baseball full-time, so your conspiracy theory may be flawed. I might guess that it has more to do with the overall love affair that the public has with baseball statistics (in sharp contrast to the rather indifferent approach the public has towards football stats).

For example, quick, how many career touchdown passes did Johnny Unitas throw?

But you are absolutely correct in identifying the discrepancy in media coverage. A good illustration would be to compare the relative media handling of A-Rod versus Leonard Little.